About Us.

Fogline Farm is located at the historic Manildi Ranch, in nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Soquel Village.  Overlooking the Monterey Bay at 900 feet above sea level, the farm is in a spectacular setting and enjoys a beautiful growing climate with cool evenings and warm, sunny days.

We try to design our agricultural systems to take full advantage of nature’s inherent resilience, beauty and abundance. To the best of our ability, we commit to steward the land in the most ecologically responsible way, and to having our land free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and genetically modified organisms.  All of our animals are raised on pasture and fed organic feed, and our crops are rotated in order to take advantage of the fertility and pest management the animals provide.  We try and manage our farm so every operation on our farm provides a benefit to another, so that our farm uses minimal outside inputs and eliminates most of its waste.

The Ranch-

The 38-acre Manildi Ranch is a certified California Heritage Farm that has been under cultivation since 1905 when Segundo Manildi finished his career as a lumberjack and purchased the property from the Capitola Land Company.  Segundo, along with his brother and other lumberjacks, logged the property and he began carving out a living as a truck farmer, carting vegetables to sell on the streets of Santa Cruz.  Later, he began planting fruit trees and of course being from Italy, some grapes for wine.  The grapes were pulled during prohibition and apples quickly became the dominant crop of the region, and the Manildis planted about 50 acres in total.  Now in its third generation of family stewardship, the farm continues to produce beautiful orchard fruit and wine grapes under the careful watch of Bruce Manildi. Fogline Farm shares the property and together we strive to grow the highest quality fruits, vegetables and meats for our community.


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  1. Jen Hodges March 2, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    I would love to see more info on here! Curiosity was sparked from Sentinel article.

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